Visiting Liberty University

Visiting Liberty University

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week One

Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been awhile since we posted. It's been crazy getting used to class schedules and figuring out when to eat, sleep, and study. =) Not to mention doing laundry and attending various campus events! There was a church service every night on Monday through Thursday of last week, so our evenings were kind of swallowed up. =)

Rachael wants to put together a video blog of the trip here and the move-in process, but that takes time that we haven't had yet. =) So here's a quick update on the first week of classes, for anyone who's interested!

First Day of Classes: It rained. Like, poured. Almost all day. I was told in one of my classes that Lynchburg is sometimes called "Drenchburg." We were very grateful for our umbrellas and the campus bus system! (This Monday, on the other hand, was gorgeous... low humidity, warm sun, cool breeze... ahhh.)

Meals: We've found that figuring out when to eat is an unexpected challenge. In planning our classes, we sometimes forgot to leave room for lunch. Sometimes we have 2-3 classes in the morning and we don't want to get up early enough to eat breakfast before the first one. And then there's the issue of who to eat with. We've gone out of our way to eat together so that we don't have to sit by ourselves or find a complete stranger to sit with. (Although we've done that quite a bit, too.)

The net result is, sometimes we have two breakfasts and a dinner, or two lunches and a dinner, or a series of random snacks with one real meal somewhere in the mix. The first day of classes I had a snack at 7am, breakfast at 9:30am, lunch at 2:30pm, and dinner at 5pm. Go figure. At least we have a good supply of chocolate in our room. =)

New friends: The first week, we spent a ridiculous amount of time asking and answering the following questions: What's your name? What's your major? Where are you from? What year are you? What dorm do you live in? Of course, we rarely remembered the answers. =) 

However, we've really gotten to know Bryanna, one of the girls in the room right across the hall in our suite. She's a junior who just transferred here, and she's a Music Worship major. She often tags along with Rachael and me to meals and Walmart and the like, and she's a ton of fun. 
Disclaimer: This picture was taken unexpectedly and fairly late at night. But she does smile like that quite often. =) Her roommate, Candace, had leftover cake from a birthday party and graciously shared it with us. =)

Here's what you need to know about Bryanna: 
  • She LOVES leopard print. 
  • She's from Texas. 
  • Her mind jumps to completely unrelated topics in the blink of an eye, which results in some very funny associations! 
  • She loves "Once Upon a Time" and BBC's "Sherlock." 
  • She has a beautiful singing voice.
  • She makes us feel tall. =)

Things we're learning in class: 
  • How to eavesdrop
  • It's OK to steal
  • How to stalk people
I'm not kidding. Our film professors and Rachael's acting professor have repeatedly emphasized people-watching as an invaluable resource. Professor Schultze, who's the head of the film program and teaches our screenwriting class, told us about a time that he went to a coffee shop specifically to "research" the way high school kids behaved, and he retold in great detail a break-up scene that he witnessed and recorded! Like, he literally wrote down everything they said!

So, according to our professors, we're supposed to look at people's body language, listen to the way they say things, and make note of interesting scenes, dialogue, and settings for possible use in a movie or in your acting. Rachael, apparently, is already a competent eavesdropper, because we'll pass a random group of people on the sidewalk and all of a sudden she'll start giggling because of the half sentence she just overheard. 

As far as the stealing goes, we've been told that a lot of screenwriters work on similar ideas at similar times, and someone in the history of cinema has probably made a movie a lot like the one you're working on. So watch that movie. Get ideas from it, especially about structure. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. 

Lots of other interesting things have happened, too, but I don't have time to go into all of them. Hopefully we'll post more soon, and hopefully we'll post more often once we get "in a groove." =) 

For the moment, here are some random pictures:

To get to Walmart, you go through this tunnel under the railroad tracks. You have to swipe your student ID to open the gates on either end.
The tunnel lets you out in a little strip mall parking lot. Walmart is on the other side of the highway. So there's this nifty bridge that gets you over safely. =) Voila! We've made the trek twice so far... it's not bad!

They bunked our beds a week ago, and the room has felt much more spacious ever since. Rachael's cello isn't as claustrophobic as it was in the corner next to our dressers (as shown in the second picture). Also, we have our printer working, and we put up some of our film decor! Yay!

Thanks for your patience! Love you guys!


  1. Love seeing your new environment! Miss you like crazy!!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of things are happening ! Hope you guys are having a great time :) we miss you here.

  3. Miss you guys! Looks like y'all are having a good time though. :-)

  4. Love the pictures and the updates! Thanks for all the detail! I had to laugh about what you're learning in class ;) And I remember trying to find people to sit with... it's great to sit together, but don't be afraid to sit apart more. At the beginning of the semester I know you feel the most awkward, but usually so does everyone else, and often people haven't formed their friend groups yet, so it's a great time to get to know people. But I'm also glad you're able to be together as that helps a ton. :)

    And so amazing that you have a Walmart within walking distance!

    Love you girls!


    1. Anna, thanks for the advice. =) I have sat with random people at different times, and it's nice to be able to remember their names and say "Hi" when I run into them later. But there are some friend groups already, and sometimes I don't want to spend the effort getting to know somebody when it's likely I won't see them much (especially on a campus this big)! Urgh... I'm not used to having to make a whole bunch of new friends at once.

  5. Thanks for all the interesting info and pics. It doesn't look like you're lacking for stuff to tell us, just the time it takes to send it to us. I'm sure you'll eventually get into a routine. Yes, we're glad you have a Walmart so close and a safe way to get there. Grandpa and I pray both of you can get meals and classes and new friend's names all figured out soon. Luv ya! PS: Our picture won't download...oh well.

    1. Grandma, thanks for praying! We're certainly not lacking for interesting stories. =) Love you!

  6. Ms. Robyn, Kaitlyn, and Julie Anne, I miss you guys, too! I'm realizing how spoiled I was having a group of friends that I'd known for a while and saw regularly. Here, I basically have to start all over, and it's hard to work around class schedules to get to know people!